Identity Verification Solutions

Our cutting-edge identity verification tools ensure swift and dependable verification outcomes within a few seconds, ensuring a hassle-free process for businesses and customers.

Identity Verification Solutions

Ensure seamless compliance with AML and KYC regulations effortlessly

Our business-focused KYC software provides a comprehensive solution to assess risks and meet regulatory requirements. By integrating AML solutions and adhering to KYC regulations, our software empowers you to evaluate transaction risks and proactively mitigate threats posed by fraudulent customers. Compliance with these regulatory frameworks is essential in safeguarding your business against fraud, terrorism financing, and other illicit activities. By prioritising customer identity verification, you can uphold the integrity of your business transactions and effectively protect your organisation from fraudulent activities.

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Streamline the identity verification process with our cutting-edge software, enabling swift and hassle-free verification procedures

Harnessing the power of AI and advanced technology, our solution offers rapid and precise customer identity verification. Embrace a seamless, efficient, cost-effective approach that guarantees convenience and trustworthiness. Opt for automated identity verification to ensure fast and secure verification of your customers, simplifying the overall onboarding experience.

Utilise our identity verification software to effortlessly and precisely authenticate identity documents

In today's digital age, cybersecurity teams continuously encounter the task of staying ahead of fraudsters. With the proliferation of counterfeit identity documents, identity theft, and expired IDs, businesses are exposed to significant risks. Implementing a robust ID authentication system becomes essential to combat the escalating threat of fraudulent activities. Our identity verification solutions provide dependable options for conducting online verification of ID documents. We offer support for a wide range of ID document types, encompassing over 2,100 variations from countries across the globe.

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Harness the capabilities of advanced biometric face recognition technology to authenticate and validate individual identities

Our biometric face recognition solution provides a reliable method to verify identities. After completing the document verification process, potential customers are prompted to capture and upload a selfie. Our team of verification experts then compares the selfie with the submitted ID document, providing the results promptly. Fueled by artificial intelligence (AI), our face recognition technology enables real-time ID verification, utilising cutting-edge techniques such as liveness detection to ensure the live presence of the person during the face-matching process.

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