B2B enterprises operating in different industries can effectively address their specific requirements by leveraging the capabilities of the KYC Lithuania Platform. Our KYC solutions are designed to be highly versatile and customizable, allowing seamless integration with various online systems and offering robust and adaptable protocols.

Banking and Finance

In the finance sector, fraudulent activities are more prevalent, especially with the rise in data breaches and identity theft cases. To combat the misuse of financial instruments, banks in Lithuania need to assess customer risks during the onboarding process. KYC solutions are essential for verifying customer identities by leveraging data from reputable sources like credit bureaus and government databases. These advanced systems can effectively distinguish customers with extensive credit histories from those with limited credit records. Banks can enhance their risk assessment procedures and safeguard against fraudulent activities by employing such solutions.

Banking and Finance


To ensure the widespread acceptance of cryptocurrency in Lithuania, it is crucial to address scepticism and scrutiny through compliance with specific requirements. By satisfying these concerns, we can unlock the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies, revolutionising financial transactions and ushering in a more inclusive and decentralised financial ecosystem for everyone. Striking the right balance between streamlined onboarding processes and maintaining customer loyalty enables businesses to enhance customer satisfaction, leading to increased transactions and positive word-of-mouth referrals. With the aid of advanced KYC tools, businesses in Lithuania can navigate this landscape effectively and contribute to the growth of the digital economy.



Regtech empowers businesses to fulfil their regulatory compliance obligations using advanced technological tools. KYC Lithuania is a leading provider of Regtech solutions specifically tailored for fintech enterprises, enabling them to navigate and comply with financial regulations seamlessly. Our primary objective is to automate and digitise KYC and AML processes. By leveraging our cutting-edge identity verification software, financial institutions can authenticate their customers, proactively thwart fraudulent activities, effectively manage risks, and ensure compliance with due diligence protocols.



Through KYC Lithuania, this cutting-edge service streamlines the authentication of patient identities, providing instant online verification. By embracing this advanced solution, healthcare providers can save considerable time and effort, allowing them to deliver prompt and efficient care without the burdensome delays often associated with traditional KYC procedures. This elevates the overall patient experience and ensures that healthcare services remain accessible to those who require them most. With our state-of-the-art KYC solutions, Lithuania is paving the way for a more seamless and inclusive healthcare system.



KYC Lithuania is a leading provider of KYC solutions and tools designed to address the significant risk of identity fraud faced by insurance companies in healthcare, life, property, casualty, and specialty insurance sectors. With our extensive expertise in this field, we offer streamlined application processes, effectively reducing the occurrence of fraudulent claims and instilling confidence in the claim processing procedures. By implementing our advanced identity verification solutions, you can accelerate approval processes, optimise claims handling efficiency, and deliver enhanced benefits to your organisation and valued customers.


Online Gaming

The gaming industry places great importance on identity authentication, especially regarding age verification for remote customers. To ensure that underage individuals do not gain unauthorised access to age-restricted video games and to prevent identity theft, gaming companies must incorporate robust identity verification solutions into their current systems. By integrating these solutions, they can effectively identify and prevent different types of fraud, including identity theft, device manipulation, location spoofing, and suspicious activities. This proactive approach helps mitigate risks and provides a secure environment that safeguards against fraudulent activities.

Online Gaming

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